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Past trips

Student Action Volunteer Effort  (S.A.V.E.) is a nonprofit organization founded by Dr. Marna Geisler with the purpose of bringing medical aid to underprivileged countries. In 2005, Dr. Geisler went to Myanmar on a family vacation where she learned about the way the citizens of Myanmar live. Her time there gave her the opportunity to fall in love with Myanmar and its people. However, her trip also made her realize there are so many people left without access to vital and crucial resources. With this enlightening experience in mind, Dr. Geisler went on mission trips to Nicaragua and Sierra Leone to help provide medical aid. These trips proved to that change was not only possible, but within our grasp. In 2006, Dr. Geisler teamed up with Myanmar Compassion Project (MCP), , who sent her on the medical mission trip that returned Myanmar, the country that started her entire journey. Over the years, her love for and dedication to the country only grew. She began forming her own teams and continued aiding the people of Myanmar until, in 2012, she was able to establish her own organization, Student Action Volunteer Effort. Since its creation, S.A.V.E. has gone on a trip to Myanmar every year, bringing along students, volunteers, and any person who is eager to help. Today, S.A.V.E. still works closely with MCP as well as utilizing the help of native medical professionals to provide the vital care to people who are otherwise forgotten. 

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